World typing day Jan 8

World typing day Jan 8

World Typing Day or International Typing Day

is an annual event organized in Malaysia in 2011. It is held on 8 January.
Typing Day was created to commemorate the 2011 Malaysian Fast Typing Competition. It was originally designed by Team TAC (Type Auto Corrector), a group of young professionals who designed and developed SecondKey, a tool for automatic fault correction. typing, of all types – written interface. The TAC team is one of the two main coordinators of the typing day. The other is the JCI Mines Fast Typing Team.

Typing Day was created to encourage people to express themselves through written communication and to promote the speed, accuracy and efficiency of this type of communication. It is marked by various events and activities. For example, JCI Mines and Team TAC co-organized the quick-hitting contest to spread the importance of a correct typing methodology and improve the efficiency of typing. Those who can not participate in the Malaysian contest can participate in the Global Typing Challenge organized by The typing tests on can be done in different languages.

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