Jan 4 World braille Day

Jan 4 World braille Day

Jan 4 World braille Day

World Braille Day is celebrated every year on January 4th around the world to commemorate Louis Braille’s birthday. Louis Braille invented braille, which helps blind people to read and write.


Louis Braille was born in France. At the age of 3, he became accidentally blind. However, despite his disability, he longed to read and write well. An attentive kid at school, at the age of 15, he developed a set of symbols by making embossed dots on a piece of paper. The points can be easily felt by hand, allowing even the blind to feel them and therefore to read and write.

The language developed by Louis Braille is now known as the Braille language. Louis’s work was not limited to alphabets. Passionate about music too, he even developed a braille for music in the latter part of his life. While developing the language of music, he wanted to keep it flexible so that it could be adapted to almost all the musical instruments of the world.

Although the system is very useful for the visually impaired, it is only 2 years after the death of Louis in 1854 that he was adopted by his school. Shortly after its adoption, it became very popular in the rest of France. The penetration of the system in other countries has been rather slow.

World Braille Day is celebrated every year to highlight the efforts of Louis Braille. His invention, which was both simple and effective, allowed the blind to read and write. World Braille Day is a relatively unknown opportunity. However, for people working for the blind, this day is of great importance.

There is no holiday as such in any part of the world on this day. Various NGOs and other organizations came together that day to raise public awareness of the blind people’s apathy and help them to be on a par with the rest of the population.

Various competitions are organized in cities specifically for the blind. Awareness is also being given to new upcoming braille technologies that day. For example, in the early days, a special type of typewriter was to be used to write Braille. Nowadays, computers are also equipped to do the job. World Braille Day is an opportunity offered by various organizations and philanthropists around the world to help the blind.

World Braille Day 2009 marked the 200th anniversary of Louis Braille. It has been celebrated around the world, including in France, where a special exhibition was held in a museum dedicated to Louis Braille. In India, Belgium and Italy, special pieces have been launched with the image of Louis Braille.

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