Jan 2 On this Day

Jan 2 On this Day

National Creampuff day


Today is the National Day of Swelling Cream! The cream puffs are rich desserts that debuted in the United States in 1880. However, the first cream puff appeared in Europe in the 1540s when the pastry chef of Catherine de Medici created the shells blown for Catherine’s husband, Henry II of France.

Cream puffs are unusual pastries. The flour is added to a mixture of butter and boiled water, and then cooked at high temperature until the mixture becomes a ball of dough with a hollow center. Once out of the oven, the cream puffs should be cut in half otherwise the dough will deflate on cooling.

To celebrate National Cauliflower Day, cook your own divine puffs with cream. Do not forget to garnish them with powdered sugar!

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