3 January On this day

3 January On this day

Chocolate-Covered Cherry Day

History of the day of chocolate cherries

The chocolate-covered cherries were introduced to the world by the Cella Confections in New York in 1929 and were an instant success, quickly becoming famous around the world. Years later, in 1985, Tootsie Roll bought Cella’s Confections from the Masarik family, although the family is still the owner. Today, almost 90 years after their first production, Cella’s chocolate-covered cherries are famous around the world for their liquid center and extremely sticky taste.

How to celebrate Chocolate Cherry Day

The best way to celebrate Chocolate-covered Cherry Day is of course to make your own chocolate-covered cherries. Over the years, since the appearance of the first chocolate cherries at Cella, dozens, if not hundreds, of sweet confectionery recipes have been prepared, each slightly different but unique.

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