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How to organize a clothing design studio Best tips and Ideas

How to organize a clothing design studio

Before opening a design studio, experts advise first to determine the sales region of their product .

You can make clothes for the European market or focus on the local consumer. Kurta Design

For example, to open a store or a fashion boutique of high-quality clothing of own production, offering customers absolutely affordable things. like Dress Design

The first opportunity for creative expression will be the execution of orders for acquaintances and friends.

Over time, the rumor about a new designer clothing studio will go to their friends, and the first orders from the outside will come.

Surely there are customers who can appreciate the attractiveness of the product, and their reviews will serve as the best advertising for the studio.

Advertising design studio clothes

A clothing design studio needs to be “equipped” with a website . It should be comfortable and stylish. For this, a business card site with a well-chosen portfolio will be enough.

Also on the site must be provided contact details and customer reviews with photos.

How to organize a business at a clothing design studio

Nowadays it is very convenient to sell goods via the Internet, so it is important to pay due attention to this.

The introduction of discounts and discount programs for regular customers, and even more so pleasant little things in the form of gifts, will be relevant.

A special approach to each client, the creation of an individual style will help to complement the uniqueness of the design studio of clothes and make it the subject of admiration and love of customers.

It is important to pay due attention to the organization of shows of new collections, to try to please their customers as often as possible.

Beautiful and exclusive women’s clothing is the main product range of a fashionable design studio or store .

The target audience can be women with an average and above average income level, the size range from 42 to 46 p.

Where to start opening a clothing design studio

Of course, you should not build castles in the air, intending to sell your masterpieces for fabulous money and wait for a wild popularity.

You need to start small. Let’s say a design team with good work is already there.

Acquaintances can help in obtaining profitable orders. At first, it’s enough to hire 2-3 seamstresses and 1 cutter.

In the future, with the development of business, expanding the range of goods and increasing the scale of production, you can hire an additional number of workers.

How much money is needed to open a clothing design studio


This amount includes the purchase of necessary tools, equipment, components, as well as rental of premises, legal registration of the business and advertising.

Placement of a design studio is best planned in the city center in order to attract the attention of potential customers, to be always in sight. It is possible to bring the project to life in 2 months, and the payback period will be about 7 months.

The higher the quality of the product, the more likely it is to attract new customers.

It is important for the owner of a design studio to constantly work on improving it, to improve the quality of their products, which will lead to good incomes and help to stay at their best.Investments in the opening of a clothing design studio

At first, it is advisable to invest all the money earned in the business, that is, in updating equipment, fabrics and accessories.

Fashion is an unstable phenomenon and does not stand still, it is always necessary to maintain a “love affair” with it.

The design studio of clothes requires constant development, new discoveries in this field of business .

By tracking the preferences and requirements of potential customers, determining the popularity and relevance of models, timely response to market needs, it will be easier to show oneself.

Not observing all the advanced fashion rules, the effectiveness of the project will decrease, which even the most faithful customers will not be able to forgive.

When compiling a business plan for a clothing design studio, it is important to consider a business development strategy and put everything on the shelves.

Set as a goal to have a special approach to the services provided.

Do not forget that in the world of fashion you need not only knowledge and experience.

Here, a delicate taste is also important for creating exclusive, attractive, adaptable to modern life, wearable collections. Indeed, fashion punishes lagging behind.

How much can you earn

An average clothing design studio is able to bring about 50,000 rubles of net profit per month. Such indicators are achieved 2-3 months after the start of work. It will take about another year to recoup the initial investment.

How to choose equipment

If it is planned to sew models of clothes, it is necessary to purchase several sewing and overlock machines. To develop the models themselves, you need good computer hardware and software. You will need LCD monitors and a graphics tablet, as well as a scanner and photo printer. You should get a dedicated high-speed Internet connection line.

What OKVED needs to be specified for the business of opening a clothing design studio

We select the following codes suitable for a clothing design studio:

  • 18.22 “Production of outerwear”;
  • 18.24 “Manufacture of other clothing and accessories”;
  • 52.42 “Retail sale of clothing.”

What documents are needed to open

When opening the studio from scratch, it is necessary to register for an individual entrepreneurial entrepreneur. The following documents are included in the mandatory documentation package:

  • A copy, as well as the original passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation;
  • Copy, as well as the original tax personal number (TIN);
  • a statement of state form P210001 prescribed by the state;
  • notification of the selected taxation scheme;
  • the spine of the fiscal check about the payment of the established fee (today 800 p.).

What tax system to choose for a business by opening a clothing design studio

Varieties of business like this suggest the choice of a simplified tax system (called abbreviated as STS). In this case, the business owner will have to pay either 6% of the income or 15% from the profit (the difference is “income minus costs”). Such a special regime reduces document flow and is beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses.

Do I need permission to open

As with any room, the studio must be approved by the fire department. If it is rented, then such permission can be requested from the previous owner. No other special licenses are required.


Business technology

To succeed in the fashion industry, one must either have the proper education and regularly read news on this topic, or hire an experienced designer. Before starting such a business, you should study the market and develop your own concept. You need to understand what target audience the products will be designed for.

For a clothing design studio, you can choose two options for doing business:

  • organize full sewing clothes according to other people’s patterns;
  • Develop your own collections and sell them through the distribution network.

Opening such a studio is advisable in one of the central areas of the city. Enough will be 30-40 sq.m. areas to accommodate equipment and premises for working with clientele. The emphasis on initial investments should be shifted from the size of financial investments towards the professionalism of staff, primarily designers.